Chef’s only gone and written a new menu

Well apart from a couple of close calls when aeroplanes have seen Jaks’ new light display and tried to land … 

February 2nd, 2018

What-ho my lovely little poppets! Mr Badger here with my latest bloggy instalment.

What’s new? Well apart from a couple of close calls where aeroplanes have seen Jaks’ new outside lights display and tried to land, it’s been a pretty routine week. No, no it hasn’t actually, what are you talking about you senile old mammal? The staff Christmas jolly-up to York was far from uneventful. There’s a limited amount of info I’m able to indulge on here – there’s no parental lock on our website – but fair enough to say that various weekly medical guidelines were overlooked, as were a few basic laws regarding taste and decency, but at least we all came back fully clothed. Oh hang on, Jason’s shirt didn’t make it past Cattal station (and his trousers finished up in Prague – but that’s a whole other story) – and we only just got Harry out of the luggage rack before he ended his evening in Leeds. At least they all made it safely home with enough energy left to leave an imprint on Moko Karaoke, although nobody made it as far as room 110 this year.

Well I’ve been reading the recent local press, and it looks like we’re losing a couple of local dining establishments by the wayside (I won’t mention any names in this section, grumpy grumblers will only accuse me of gloating if I do). The last few years have seen an incredible influx of eaty drinky places in Harrogate – people couldn’t understand how they’d all survive. Where were the customers going to come from to support the significant extra tables in town that needed filling? Was this going to be an unfair end to some of the long established and popular eateries in town? Little campaigns popped up suggesting we only support our independents and shun the new shiny big chains that came to take over unfairly. It’s always been this Badger’s opinion that it’s irrelevant whether you’re a tiny family business or a multi million pound corporate chain, you’re still going to be either good or no good. It’s the good ones that deserve to survive, and they will survive, and they will thrive, because they’re good. The bad ones will come and go, and they’ll only go because they’re bad. I say just keep eating and drinking wherever you think is good and natural progression will result in the town having the number and quality of places that it deserves and can sensibly support.

Well I don’t often get serious and political in the old blog, so I’d best lighten the mood a bit after that. Although I do have a minor medical issue that I feel I should share with you now we know each other well enough. I’ve been having a bit of trouble with my hearing recently, so I popped into the doctors (or should that be a vet? I get confused sometimes).

Anyway, so I said:

“Doctor – I think I’m starting to go a bit deaf.”

The Doc replied:

“OK, I see, so what are the symptoms?”

I said:

“They’re a yellow cartoon family from the television.”

Don’t blame me – it was that Clarkey that told me to tell it – he reckons it’s the funniest joke he’s currently got, and it is widely accepted by all that he is very very funny. In fact pretty much everybody I meet says he’s a massive wit. Unless that’s my hearing playing up again…

Back to business – we have a brand new menu!!! Well done chef – OK so you can be a bit temperamental sometimes, but hat’s off where it’s due, you’ve put your enormous hands to good use this time. What a menu! Now don’t panic everyone – before you start one of those online petitions – all the old favourites have survived the cut. We wouldn’t deprive you of your Steak & Ale Pie or your Fish & Chips.

But new to the table:

Spanish Meatballs, Butter Beans, Chorizo, Toasted Ciabatta.

Roasted Fillet of Hake, Romesco Sauce, Toasted Hazlenuts, Char-grilled Tenderstem Broccoli.

Crispy Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Spicy House Slaw & Fries…

Hang on Trina – can you put a link on here to the new menu, save me having to type it all out – I’m getting pretty thirsty.

Thanks, now it’s drinkies time – I’m off out for a gargle with this weeks “Harrogate Nights Out Bartender of the Week”. Oh I need another link here Trina, this is getting confusing.

In fact Gaby – shall we invite an imminent future Bartender of the Week, Samantha from the Coach, to make it a threesome for our market research and refreshments? Let’s hit the town ladies!

Until next time…

Mr Badger x