Brilliant idea right up until some scoundrels and scallywags thought it would be fun to nick the thing overnight.

“I’m a little restricted to what information I can give at this stage of the investigation” … 

August 13th, 2018

Right my wonderful little Badgers, we need to move quickly here. Is there a fruit out there somewhere in the far flung corners of the world that somebody hasn’t made a gin out of yet? Because if there is, we’re going to get right on the case – find it, pick it, make a gin out of it, pop it in a fancy coloured bottle and watch our retirement fund come pouring in. Some of these guys have been making their nice little fruity gins for years and years, with minimal interest. They must be laughing all the way to the bank now the revolution is upon us, it’s not good enough for the bar to have 30 or 40 different gins from different towns, cities and countries around the world, now we need to a shelf that represents every colour of the rainbow.
So far our’s has lemon, orange, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, rhubarb, pineapple, grapefruit, elderflower, violet, sloe and now, my current favourite – gooseberry. Oh you clever people at Slingsby’s of Harrogate you – it’s absolutely delicious!! So next time the sun is shining (although I can confirm it tastes just as good under overcast or even drizzly conditions), get yourself down to our beer garden and get stuck into a couple of large goosegoggy gargles.
The beer garden. We’re still awaiting the results of the Harrogate in Bloom award that Goff the gardener was so deservedly nominated for, but until it becomes official that we have the best beer garden in Harrogate, come take a look for yourself. The transformation over the last year or so really has been amazing. Latest additions are Susie’s festoon lighting brightening the whole thing up on an evening, some purpley flowery things by the entrance, and a whole load of doveshit on the canopies and umbrellas. Don’t get me wrong, the dovecote was a wonderful idea, who wouldn’t want their own resident feathered friends fluttering about bringing a bit of class to the place? Whoever is trying to eat a fish butty on table 37 – that’s who. So Daddy B has had an idea – if you’re “lucky” enough to be decorated by a dove from above during your stay, we’ll happily compensate you with a bottle of prosecco.
*** This Badger can foresee all sorts of issues with this “amazing” idea – but it’s not one of mine, so it’s probably a winner. Terms & Conditions apply. Not to be used in conjunction with any other complimentary alcohol / animal droppings related offer ***
Speaking of animals, this time of year sees more of our four legged canine friends outside than ever. Partly because the dog population of Harrogate have an impeccable taste in a drinking establishment’s atmosphere, surroundings and service, but mostly because Jaks makes a right fuss of them, knows them all by name and plies them with bowls of water and dog biccies when their owners aren’t looking. So we thought we’d treat them to a special custom made pooch’s water barrel. Simple – prop it up, put a tap on it, and there’s a limitless supply of doggy drinking water. Brilliant idea right up until some scoundrels and scallywags thought it would be fun to nick the thing overnight. I’m a little restricted as to what information I can give at this stage of the investigation, but needless to say we currently have many of the finest criminal minds in the country out to bring the perpetrators to justice. Hanging is too good for them – watch this space.
Since my last blog, the town has acquired a brand new drinking establishment – and a fine one it is too. Welcome on to the scene the “Cold Bath Brewing Company”. Obviously, the nickname CBBC didn’t take too long to be established, but fair play, what a great job Mick & his team have done. We’ve been selling their beer since they first brewed it a few months ago, and now they’ve opened up a brewery / bar in keeping with the quality of the product. Don’t want to encourage you folks too much to spend your money elsewhere, but I’m genuinely happy when Harrogate gets a brand new independent establishment with a bit of oomph and character where I can spend my Badger pennies on my days off. You’ve done good – all you need now is to employ my favourite tall Scottish barmaid and I’ll score you full marks. Oh, hang on…
“Anything else you want me to mention in the blog Trina?”
“Oh yeah, push Christmas – the Christmas brochures are out. Talk about Christmas quite a lot.”
So just as the heatwave looks like it might be relenting a little, I’m sure the same thing is on all of your minds as it is mine – what to do for Christmas?It’s nearly half way through August and we still haven’t established where we’ll be pulling our first cracker and wondering who Nigel from accounts will be sick on first. Well I was delighted and thrilled to see our 2018 glossy Christmas brochures arrive in the post a couple of days ago. You must have all been worried sick where they were. Last year’s was such a thrilling instalment that time couldn’t go quickly enough until the release of this year’s edition. Well panic not. Come down and take a copy of our brand new 2018 Christmas brochure and peruse it at your leisure. It’s all in there, what a great read! There’s party menus, gala dinner menus, terms & conditions, another menu or two, and a picture of a reindeer. Personally I can’t wait till this warm weather is behind us and I can relax into the treats so eloquently and temptingly promised in this marvel of a booklet.
Anyhow, enough from me, there’s a large Slingsby gooseberry gin & tonic waiting for me on the bar. I won’t lie, I’m ready for a stiff drink, it’s been a tough couple of weeks since Gaby left. Obviously I’m far too professional to admit to having my favourites, but I miss you Gaby. COME BACK!!!!

Mr Badger x