White Hart team receive special thanks from NHS

The White Hart Hotel has received an official letter of thanks from the Chief Executive of the NHS for the team’s support during the Covid-19 pandemic. The letter, which names many of the key members of staff working to help NHS and key workers, was sent following the opening of the Nightingale Hospital in Harrogate as a thank you to the team for their support in looking after those building, training and working at the hospital.

The White Hart Hotel & Apartments was one of the only hotels to remain open for NHS and other key workers who needed somewhere to stay, following the lockdown announcement. The team provided bed, breakfast and evening meals for guests and delivered food to their rooms to ensure social distancing. And, for those working long days the team also made packed lunches.

In the letter sent by Steve Russell, Chief Executive of NHS Nightingale Hospital Yorkshire and the Humber it states that as; “The saying goes not all heroes wear capes. But it is also true that not all heroes wear NHS lanyards.”

He also added that the team are now ‘a part of history’. Writing that “This is a moment in time that will be remembered by generations and you can be proud to have played your part. Without you, we would not be here today and we are honoured to have worked alongside you.”

The letter continued to thank the teams support in the opening of the Nightingale Hospital saying; “Each and every one of you should be incredibly proud of your contribution to the establishment of this hospital. You are all, and forever will be, part of the NHS family. Thank you for being part of Team Nightingale. You are the pride of Yorkshire and the Humber and indeed, Great Britain.”

Although the Nightingale hospital in Harrogate is now open but not operational at present, the team are continuing to offer support to key workers in the area including those who need to be away from vulnerable loved ones or who need to stay local to their employment.

Simon Cotton, Managing Director of HRH Group said, “We are all humbled to receive such a lovely letter from the NHS and it has really given the team at The White Hart Hotel a great boost. When we set out to look after key workers, we did it because we wanted to be of use in these difficult times. We never thought that our team would become a part of Team Nightingale and become key workers ourselves.”

Take a look at the letter