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Don’t like to bring the mood down to finish, but I won’t lie that we’re a little grumpy here.

1st April 2018

“Harrogate welcomes SCRAN” …  April 1st, 2018 Happy Easter one and all! Just managed to find the time to write you a cheeky little blog in between looking for Mrs

Just imagine someone in a tweed gilet hoovering a patio in driving rain with a glass of Sauvignon in hand

20th February 2018

“More Nutella Mrs Badger?” …  February 20th, 2018 Well my lovely bloggees, I couldn’t leave it any longer without sharing the old Badger gossip with you all, so here I

Chef’s only gone and written a new menu

2nd February 2018

Well apart from a couple of close calls when aeroplanes have seen Jaks’ new light display and tried to land …  February 2nd, 2018 What-ho my lovely little poppets! Mr

We’ve got news

13th January 2018

Well I’m fed up waiting for Olga to join me for a drink…  January 13th, 2018 She’s probably washing her hair. I’ll take the opportunity instead to pour myself a large

A large gin and a fat cigar

27th December 2017

Me again my little Christmassy angels! Mr Badger here, with a festive bloggy update. I’ve got all my little helpers keeping the place running smoothly – dishing out beer, wine and

Happy new beer

5th December 2017

I thought it was a little late in this old Badger’s life to become a writer but you folks seemed to like my first foray into the world of blogging

Boar in a sett

16th November 2017

“We’re in the 21st century now” they said. “Everyone’s blogging” they said. November 16th, 2017 After an initial embarrassing misunderstanding, (“blogging means something completely different in the world of badgers), the