Fancy a Jagerbomb anyone?

“Mr Badger here decided to display the bill on a popular social media site, and it went a tiny bit viral.” … 

May 15th, 2019

Hey my little treasures!!
It’s been way too long since my last bloggy instalment, it’s not that I haven’t had anything hilarious or exciting to share with you, it’s just that I’m a busy busy Badger. Anyway, Trina has threatened to put my picture on the van with a rude slogan on it if I don’t sit down and knock one out before the weekend.
Abi has insisted that she gets a mention, and she’d like to use her moment of fame to point out that contrary to popular belief, Jonny HAS been using the sunbeds to top us his holiday tan. Why she’d use this moment to dob in her fella on such a matter, I’m not sure, but anyway Abi, there’s your wish, I’ll take it from here.
So where do I start? I suppose the big news down here is the arrival of Clarkey’s new “assistant” – Dan from the Coach. I use inverted commas, because although the outrageously shirted one refers to Dan as his assistant, it’s clear for all to see that Dan is actually his new boss. But whatever you do, don’t mention this fact out loud to Clarkey – it’s a bit of a sore point – the poor guy is still in denial. At least Clarkey’s quizzes are better than his. Oh hang on…
Fancy a Jagerbomb anyone? For those of you that haven’t seen the outside world this month, three legendary drinkers popped down to see us for a couple of refreshments recently, got a little bit carried away, and their resulting £519.75 bar bill included 85 Jagerbombs (yes eighty-five). Mr Badger here decided to display the bill on a popular social media site, and it went a tiny bit viral. We’re not normally familiar with the realms of Ladbible, Unilad, The Sun and the Daily Mail (please don’t click on the latter, us Badgers have previous issues with that rag), but Joe Public seemed to enjoy the Jager post in all it’s decadent glory.
***All publicity is good publicity, isn’t that right Trina? That’s what you told me.***
Now a few years ago Daddy B decided to spend some of his hard earned pennies on turning our beer garden from a pretty OK one to one of the finest outside areas in the region. Yes, the furniture is a little expensive, Yes the upkeep of the flowers and plants is a little time consuming. Yes we spend enough a week on patio gas to keep Andy Caine in Jagerbombs for a couple of hours, but the results are more than worth it. Not only do we proudly display the plaque as the Harrogate in Bloom overall winners 2018, but we also proudly display a full compliment of happy drinkers and eaters every time the weather is half decent. That has been a lot of the time already this year – the Easter weekend was legendary – goodness knows what the summer will be like if the sunshine is anywhere near what it was like last year. Well done Daddy B – we love you XXX
There’s a thing called a Beer Club. No, it’s not a rival organisation to the AA, it’s where on the first Tuesday of every month, the chef matches some of his amazing food to whichever brewery’s fine ales and lagers are being showcased. They used to be pretty popular, but whether it’s the burgeoning interest in beer, or just because Dan is here now (everything seems to be better as a direct result of his arrival), they are now super duper popular. I believe our record was 152 people all enjoying three courses and four beers. If you haven’t tried it yet, then we’ll see you on The first Tuesday of the month – I believe Asahi and Brooklyn are next.
So in the inordinately long time it’s taken me to prepare this blog, we’ve been nominated and shortlisted for the Bar of the Year in the 2019 Harrogate Hospitality awards. That’s the one where everyone gets dolled up and has a blast at the Royal Hall. Many drinks are enjoyed, much cleavage is on display, and dustpans & brushes are at the ready in case you show your award to Deej from the Coach. Anyway, you can’t vote for us now, all you can do is send Johnny from Timothy Taylor’s lots of cash in brown envelopes to sway his decision on who he decides is the best. Joking apart – the shortlist makes good reading.
Christie’s, Last Post, Tap on Tower Street, Cold Bath Brewing, Hales Bar and us.
I’ve just realised that apart from Christie’s (who won it last year – well done guys), these are pretty much the favourite Pubs that Mr Badger here actually frequents. So genuinely good luck to Kita, Kayleigh, Mick and Amanda – we’ll see you on the night. Although if Leona follows through with her promise of offering Johnny a little more than just a brown envelope, you may not have a chance.
Anyway, got to dash – lots of printing to do, I keep running out of Unwanted Hugs forms.
Till next time…
Mr Badger x