So, dry January. Who even invented that?

“Apart from a select few n*bheads who aren’t welcome to return this year after our January clearance” … 

January 18th, 2019

Well the dust has finally settled after the festive craziness, we’ve spent a few days dusting it up, along with more confetti than you ever want to see, and I’ve finally got chance to treat you lucky creatures to another instalment of my Badger Blog.
Firstly – Happy New Year everyone!! When is the latest acceptable date to still say that? I’m probably pushing it a bit at this stage, but hey, I’ve missed you all and I only got chance to kiss about half the female population of Harrogate on New Year’s Eve (OK and some male). What a night that was!!! The brave decision to replace DJ Clarkey with someone who actually knows what they’re doing – risking him sulking for the entire duration of 2019 – was more than vindicated. I know I speak on behalf of everyone who attended in saying DJ Rick, you absolutely rocked the joint, it was amazing. Simple decision as to what to do on 31st December this year: exactly the same as that!! See you all there…
So, dry January. Who even invented that? And more importantly, why? What a ridiculous idea. Surely if you’re going to be stupid enough to last a whole month without participating in a single tipple, you’d be going for February. It’s three whole days less of abstinence than doing it in January. Anyhow, saying all that, because each and every one of our customers are absolute troopers (apart from a select few n*bheads who aren’t welcome to return this year after our January clearance), the month has been remarkably lively so far. There’s plenty of you still happy to stick with the sauce when everyone else has gone all self-righteous, and those of you with better self restraint than the rest of us have been hammering the San Miguel Zeros.
I’m making it sound like drinking is the only reason you guys come down here. Sorry Chef – I’m not giving you nearly enough credit there, and we all remember how grumpy you get when you get a bit of fun poked at you in the old Badger Blog. Hats off to the Chef and his team please boys and girls. I thought Mrs Badger got a bit stressed cooking for the clan on Christmas Day, then you see our kitchen gang knock out 250 three-course meals all bang on time, and all to universal approval. Not only that, two weeks into January, and they’ve tweaked and improved the menu already. Is it OK if I mention that I love you Chef? In fact I’m on my way to the kitchen now to come and give you a great big hug.
***Trina, can you make a note to remind me that Chef’s not a big fan of hugs. Oh, and you might not see that new pepper grinder for a couple of days***

Do doves migrate in the winter? Or hibernate maybe? I like to keep you all up to date with the wellbeing of Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb, but sightings haven’t been too frequent since my last instalment, and the gang don’t seem to spending as much time at Table 37 in the mornings with a bucket of warm soapy water. I don’t want to alarm you, I’m sure there will be a perfectly logical explanation for all this. Maybe they’re on holiday. Maybe the dovecote is just too cosy and warm to leave in this weather. Maybe the very dead white dove we rescued from behind the glass wall just fell from a passing plane. A dove plane. Taking doves on holiday to the same place Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb are sunning themselves on a beach. I look forward to bringing you the happy news that they’re all alive and flapping in my next Blog.

Exciting things are happening soon – so it’s been nearly eight years since we opened the Badger, and Daddy B has decided that it’s about time he spent some pennies on giving the place a bit of a spruce up. To be fair, looking at the plans it’s a bit more than a spruce up. Don’t panic though, we won’t be going all modern and spoil things – the whole essence of the place will remain, just under a newly refurbished guise. And why have we always had the Badger Grill in a separate room when there’s a perfectly good wall to knock down so the whole essence of the pub and it’s decor sweep seamlessly into the designated relaxed dining area complete with all modern essentials such as USB charging points, intelligent lighting and personal drinks stations.
*** I made most of that last bit up Trina, I’ve not really seen the plans, but I’m sure it’ll be something a but like that. Just change it if you want, but I’m sure nobody will notice***
Well I’m about done, It’s 10pm and I haven’t had a drink yet. Just time to leave you with a few brief bits and pieces:
  • Scottish Alex is back at the weekends – and she’s already choosing her outfit for the Summer awards season.
  • Rowan and Kieran haven’t taken their eyes off each other for seven weeks now.
  • Clarkey can’t work out why a picture of him on the Beer Club advert with the words “See You Next Tuesday” above it is funny.
  • Don’t ever ever EVER buy confetti cannons on New Year’s Eve.
  • I haven’t blatantly advertised an event so far in this blog.
  • Sing Gin night is next Thursday 24th January, four courses and four drinks for £30 a head. Book now on 01423 505681 or (only a few spaces left).
  • Leona is still my favourite.
  • Matt still can’t pull a pint.
  • Pepper grinders seem to travel much more easily in one direction than the other.
That’s me – I’m outta here – keep an eye out for those doves.
Mr Badger x