I just fired the ugly ones and replaced them with some hotties.

“It’s like the Riviera in our beer garden.” … 

May 18th, 2018

Have you been OK without me my lovelies?
So sorry there’s been a little gap in between blogs, or a ‘bloggap’ as I’ve just decided it’s called. Thing is, I’ve been so busy with all this lovely weather that I’ve hardly had time to put claw to keyboard. So what’s new then? Summer is here that’s what!! One minute I was sweeping the snow from the car park ramp, next thing I know I’m having to order Pimms and Aperol by the caseload because it’s like the Riviera in the beer garden. Our famous beer garden. The best beer garden in Harrogate. God the beer garden looks amazing at the moment. I can’t wait to go and sit with a cold one in our beer garden.
(let me know how my first attempt at subliminal marketing goes Trina – personally I don’t think anyone will spot it).
Have you noticed that the staff are looking even lovelier than they already did? Quite simply done really, I just fired the ugly ones and replaced them with some hotties. Joking, JOKING!! I was referring to our smart new uniforms. After months of that Clarkey guy faffing around with colour schemes and catalogues and spending most of his waking life looking in a mirror, somebody with a bit of fashion sense took the bull by the horns and organised the show. As a result, all the staff in the building (and up the road at our brother gaff The Yorkshire / Scran) are looking resplendent in matching aprons, waistcoats and ties. They all particularly love it when working outside in our amazing beer garden in the blazing heat. Uberfuhrer Stevie is by far the most popular man in the building make no mistake.
Have you been to Scran yet? If not, do. It’s great. OK, so maybe their beer garden isn’t quite as spectacular as our beer garden, but boy what a turnaround everybody up there has made with all their hard work. The food, the atmosphere, the service, a certain traitor who will remain nameless shaking his famous cocktails on a nighttime – good point, who talked him in to working after it’s gone dark? He’d cut that out completely by the time he left here. Seriously though, if you’ve not had chance to sample Deano’s menu – or if you didn’t Graze on a bit of his food at his previous Grill (which I’m not allowed to name for legal reasons), then get yourselves down to Scran and give it a whirl. And then come down for one in our awesome beer garden.
Rachel it’s great to have you back from maternity, you’re my favourite. There, now can I have some chocolate please?
If you’ve spotted that Jaks is even more boisterous than usual – and that’s saying something, then maybe it’s because the big day is just around the corner – the world famous Harrogate Hospitality & Tourism Awards. On June 4th we’ve got a table of miscreants all getting glammed up, heading to the Royal Hall, drinking far too much, and awaiting the announcement of “Bar Person of the Year” and “Bar of the Year” amongst other accolades. Now personally, I quite fancy “The Last Post” winning bar of the year. I love popping up the hill to see Kita and the gang, especially when the footy is on – you’ve done an amazing job in your first year or so, much respect from all at The Badger, and good luck. “Bar Person of the Year” is looking very interesting indeed. Deej at The Coach is convinced he’s going to win it. Our Jaks is pretty convinced she’s got a great chance. Apologies for not really knowing the other shortlistees, but I’m sure they’re all confident too. So it’s going to be a massive test of your best Monday Night “I’m gutted but everyone is looking at me so I’ve got to make it look like I’m delighted for you” faces. Bring it on!!
So this Saturday sees some massive events around the country. FA Cup final, Royal Wedding, Rolling Stones concerts. All however are totally eclipsed by the one everybody is talking about – the release of the Fat Badger doves!! You may have noticed that the most recent addition to our tremendous beer garden area is a big white dovecote with six big white doves in it (or you may not if you’re as observant as I was for a couple of weeks). Currently it’s got a bit of a cage round it in order to let the doves know it’s their home for the first three weeks, and so when we release them on Saturday they know where to come back to!! Well that’s the theory anyway, personally I think it would be hilarious if they just flocked off and never came back.
*(Fat Badger Enterprises would like to make clear that this is the opinion of an individual – namely Mr Badger, and not the opinion of the company as a whole).
So just in case it is the last we see of our feathered friends, it’s only fair that we give them some names to be remembered by. Nobody else has stepped up to the mark with any sensible ideas, so I’m going to do it now before it’s too late. Welcome to the world Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble & Grubb.
That’s me about done – heading out to our incredible beer garden (did I mention we have a beer garden?) for a gargle or two with me old chums.
Oh, by the way – if you’re wanting to have a whinge about the fact we’ve got a rude word on our new pint glasses or that Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble & Grubb have had to spend the first few weeks of their lives a little caged in – don’t bother, the complaints book is full this week.
Until next time…


Mr Badger x