Don’t like to bring the mood down to finish, but I won’t lie that we’re a little grumpy here.

“Harrogate welcomes SCRAN” … 

April 1st, 2018

Happy Easter one and all!

Just managed to find the time to write you a cheeky little blog in between looking for Mrs Badger’s eggs and heading off for a relaxing bit of lunch with my chums.

Firstly, I learned from my last bloggy offering that some people don’t like to be poked fun at on social media, even if it was meant in the nicest possible way. So I apologise if anybody got offended in my last update, I’ll try to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

So, for those of you who hadn’t heard (or if you weren’t one of the thousands who attended the amazing opening night), Harrogate welcomes SCRAN!! Yep, it’s brand new, and it’s the second coolest place to be in Harrogate.

Situated in the ground floor of the Yorkshire Hotel right by the Cenotaph in the town centre, the same company who bring you The Fat Badger are bringing you SCRAN. They’ve given the place a much needed spruce up, picked a team of smilers to look after you, but cleverest of all, Deano (formerly of “Graze & Grill” fame) is in charge of the kitchen. I won’t blow smoke in unnecessary places, but those of you who are aware of his food will need no encouragement to head up the road for a nibble. Advert over – isn’t that meant to be your job Trina?

Summer isn’t far away now – as soon as it can go a week without snowing – and we’re getting our amazing outside area all ready for the nice weather. Attention to aesthetic furnishing detail is not one of this Badger’s personal strengths, but luckily we’ve got Susie & Jaks on the case, and it most certainly is one of their strengths. Bird feeders, hidden Badgers, seasonal flora, and the world’s biggest dovecote will greet you when you drive in (we took down Jaks’ light display after NASA complained about the glare). I’m going to offend someone by missing them out here aren’t I? Of course, Goff the Gardener who puts in all the donkey work, and what an amazing job he does too.

Speaking of Jaks, voting has now closed in the Destination Harrogate Hospitality Awards. Apparently, according to their website a panel of judges will now be finalising a shortlist for “Bar Person of the Year”. It doesn’t say how long it’s likely to take them but we can’t wait!! Surely Jaks will be on there, and then we all get to go for a jolly-up in June.

Don’t like to bring the mood down to finish, but I won’t lie that we’re a little grumpy here. Turns out that the new amendments to the Company and Business (Sensitive Words and Expressions) Regulations 2014 mean that we’re going to have to change our name. The “Fat” in “Fat Badger” is offensive apparently, so we’re either going to have to drop it, or change our name altogether. Hopefully we’ll have decided what to do by the time I get chance to write my next blog – who knows, we might even do a Blue Peter style renaming competition!!

OK, got to dash,

Love you all, 

Mr Badger x