Just imagine someone in a tweed gilet hoovering a patio in driving rain with a glass of Sauvignon in hand

“More Nutella Mrs Badger?” … 

February 20th, 2018

Well my lovely bloggees, I couldn’t leave it any longer without sharing the old Badger gossip with you all, so here I am, and there’s a lot to tell.
Firstly and foremostly, a huge welcome to the world to baby Theo – our newest and smallest member of the Badger team! If you were wondering why you’d not seen Rob charging around the pub at 100mph for the last couple of weeks, it’s because he’s been busy at home charging around at 100mph being a brand new Daddy – congratulations to all involved. (Pretty confident at this stage that I wasn’t).
Last week saw both Valentines day and Pancake day next to each other – it made me wonder: do they ever fall on the same day? It’d make life a lot simpler and easier on the old wallet if they would stick the two together on the same date every year.
“More Nutella Mrs Badger?”
“Don’t mind if I do Mr Badger – but make sure you have some left over for room 110.”
We were going to try to entice the crowds in with a cheeky video of Rich the grumpy chef flipping a pancake in style – but for the first time I can remember he decided he wasn’t willing to be a tosser in public.
It’s been a while since I’ve been to an awards dinner. I quite like them – getting dressed up in the old best bib & tucker, loosening up first with a few aperitifs, then getting stuck in to a bottle of vino or two to wash down the the scran – (good word that “Scran”. Would make a great name for a new restaurant in my opinion) – pretending you’re interested in who wins all the prizes in the other categories when it’s only you or your mate that you’re actually bothered about. So anyway, there’s one in June – a good one by all accounts. It’s Harrogate’s Hospitality and Tourism Awards 2018, and this year we’re planning on having somebody to cheer on at The Royal Hall. Somebody who encapsulates the professional and friendly character of The Fat Badger itself. Somebody who leaves a special lasting imprint on pretty much everyone who has the privilege of being looked after by them. Someone who’s wealth of experience helps to spread the skills of hospitality to the next generation. Yep, it’s Clarkey. Joking, JOKING!! He wanted to be nominated for something, but the categories didn’t seem to include “Most outdated wardrobe”, “Longest distance travelled in corridors with a clipboard trying to look important”, or “Least success with members of the opposite sex despite the amount of time spent trying”. It’s Jaks of course!!. If you aren’t that regular a visitor and can’t picture exactly who Jaks is, just imagine someone in a tweed gilet hoovering a patio in driving rain with a glass of Sauvignon in hand. Yep that’s her.
***Maybe put a picture of her in here Trina, see if you can find an appropriate one***
So we’ve put her up for “Bar Person of the Year”. It’s not a foregone conclusion however, there’s strong opposition out there, including a young Mr Glover with an awful lot of talent and support. (No, not you Matt, you just nominated yourself without asking anyone, I mean Deej at The Coach). To fulfil Jaks’ lifelong dreams of picking up this prestigious trophy, we need you to go to the website and say something nice about her. Then they do a shortlist thing in March and I think it then goes to a judging panel. Anyway, here’s the link if your keen to show her your support:
***Can you put a link here Trina, I still haven’t got the hang of it – mine often send you to my recently browsed sites – best avoided after last time***
And remember it’s the “Bar Person of the Year Category”. Don’t bother with the “Longest time spent writing a single blackboard prize”, she’s won that every year for the past fifteen years. CLICK HERE TO VOTE
In other news, I mentioned a blog or two ago that our illustrious leader has acquired another venue in Harrogate – The Yorkshire Hotel. Big boss Chantel has said I’m not allowed to tell you too much news at this stage, mainly because there isn’t any, but we can tell you that somewhere towards the middle of March there will be an exciting new dining experience in Harrogate, with one of the town’s most reknowned chef’s at the helm – and Camp Chris. Watch this space!!!
Nearly time for me to head down the corridor for a cold one or two – that’s if Emily lets me out of the office. For the record Emily: it’s pretty clear what your intentions are towards me however hard you try to conceal them with that deadpan face. How many times do I have to tell you – I’m a married Badger!!
I’m going to go for my new favourite drink of choice. That clever southern bloke from Hoxton’s next door has gone and brewed his own beer, and it’s delicious. Also just so happens he named it after the road on which his favourite drinking hole is (I’ll let you make your own decisions on which establishment that might be, but Mick and I know the real truth) – Yep, it’s “Cold Bath Lager”. It’s lovely. It’s brand new. It’s on sale now at The Fat Badger.
***Is that Ok Mick? Have I done enough for a free sausage butty every Saturday?***
Right, that’s me done – hope you’ll be OK without me until next time.



Mr Badger x