A large gin and a fat cigar

Me again my little Christmassy angels! Mr Badger here, with a festive bloggy update. I’ve got all my little helpers keeping the place running smoothly – dishing out beer, wine and lovely grub as if we’re the only place open in town, while I relax with a large gin and a fat cigar and tap a few buttons on Mrs Badger’s laptop.

December 27th, 2017

For those who are concerned as to her temperament, she’s fine. I managed to explain my way out of the room 110 gin night incident, and as yet she hasn’t had any reports back from the Badger golfing boy’s Christmas jolly-up. Mind you she should maybe consider deleting her browsing history before allowing old nosey claws here to use her gadgets – I’ve just gathered a bit of collateral if she ever gets wind of last Monday’s goings-on in Montey’s.

Anyway, gin. The trouble with gin nowadays is there’s so many decisions to make. Gone are the days where everyone had a bottle of Gordon’s behind the bar, chopped a lemon, and the only choice was slimline or regular to go with it. Oh no, now it’s where in the world do you want the foraged botanicals from? What combination of exotic fruits & herbs do you want floating in it? Slim glass / Collins glass / rocks glass / balloon glass? Then you have to pick from more tonics than I have socks in my sock drawer. But you know us here at the Badger – if that’s what the people want then that’s what we shall provide. I believe our updated gin menu has about forty on it – including all the clever local boys – Harrogate gin, Whittaker’s, Mason’s, and of course Slingsby’s. Their rhubarb is my fave – just been introduced to taking it with ginger ale, transports you straight back to school with a paper bag of “Rhubarb & Custards” in your hand.

Now as I write, I’m delighted to announce that Sean (Chelvis, the housewives’ [and a few husbands’] choice) is back with us for another spell gracing the bar with his charm, flair and experience. I can speak for myself and all the staff and customers in that the place is a brighter one with you in it Sean – welcome back!! Mind you, by the time I’ve finished writing this instalment he’ll probably have buggered off back to Cardamom Black again.

Someone else who deserves a mention here is Godfrey. Godfrey is one of our favourite regulars, pops across from over the road most days to tell that Clarkey fellow when the Baa Baa is getting a bit close to the bottom of the barrel, and to share his stories with basically anyone who’ll listen. Trouble with this is that his stories are good, so he gets mentioned on our Tripadvisor page more than any of the staff. We’ve had to restructure our rewards and incentive scheme to include him in it. In fact, I can’t remember the last time he had to put his hand in his pocket to pay for a pint. So please, if you’re reading this and considering an online review of the place, just don’t mention Godfrey – we can hardly afford to keep him in beer for another year.

December is nearly out. It’s a fun month. A busy month. A festive month. A month of greed and false jollity. A month where that bell they have behind the bar seems to ring much more often than any other time of year. (If someone can get the staff to tell them why they ring that bell every time I walk in, please let me know – they won’t tell me).

January is round the corner. A relaxing month. A sober month. A month for resolutions and picking up the pieces after December. A month for getting £10 off a two course meal with the vouchers we’re dishing out to every diner between now and the end of the year. (OK Trina – that’s in, and they’ll never spot it was a shameless ad.)

May I use my final blog of the year to say a massive thank you to all you lovely people for continuing to visit the pub, restaurant and hotel in ever-increasing numbers, even with all the much hyped competition opening up around us. It’s so nice to know you enjoy what we do more than ever. Also, a massive thank you to every single member of the team for all your amazing hard work and dedication. I love you all. Well, nearly all.

Going to have to go and top my gin glass up – and Mrs Badger needs her laptop back, she must be booking us in for a nice meal soon – there’s been a few recent searches for the Boar’s Head on here – but don’t tell her I know…

Merry Christmas all, and a Happy New Year!!!

Mr Badger X